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The Love.Futbol Project

Joga Bonito

Around the world, young people are denied the positive impact of sports as they lack safe playing grounds in their communities. love.fútbol recognizes the potential of soccer for personal and community development and envisions a world where all children have the opportunity to fully express their passion for the game...


Building the love.fútbol field

In a participatory process, love.fútbol empowers communities to build a community soccer pitch. love.fútbol provides guidance, finances raw materials and mobilizes local resources while putting the ownership of the whole process into the hands of the community to ensure the sustainability of the project. 

A platform for future development

love.fútbol applies a decentralized and community-driven development approach providing safe soccer fields as the necessary facilities for existing and future Development through Soccer programs. love.fútbol’s collaboration model enables local organizations to grow in impact and scope, driving community development worldwide together.