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The Controversy Around FIFA

As you probably already know, here at SuRu we're pretty excited about the World Cup. Though we're gearing up in a big way for the upcoming event, we thought it important to also acknowledge some of the sentiments erupting in Brazil. There's a good amount of controversy surrounding FIFA, the non-profit organization that puts on the World Cup every four years, and recently this discontent has come out in the form of street art. "F*** FIFA" has made it's rounds as one of the general sentiments throughout the country, as Brazilian citizens are angry at the government for spending millions of dollars to build stadiums and other event luxuries. But the reality is that without these stadiums and tourism accommodations, there would be no World Cup. Futbol is like a religion in many countries, it's the everyday man's sport, and we think the World Cup is an important event to connect us to something bigger. For a few weeks, the world will watch, cheer, cry, inspire, bond and surrender to the one sport that speaks an international language. #DoUSuru?