The Name

Proverb: SURULERE. Meaning: Patience is a virtue. The name SuRu is derived from a Yoruba proverb and tale. According to the SURU tale, you are given four choices, of which you can only select one- Wealth, Fertility, Immortality and Patience [SURU]. The moral of the tale is that by having patience, you will gain wealth, fertility, and immortality.

By wearing our product, you are helping to promote diversity in the world and practicing patience [SURU] in understanding cultural nuances.

The Brand

SuRu is a premium casual apparel brand that promotes multiculturalism and diversity through lifestyle and fashion. The word SURU means “TO DO” in Japanese and “PATIENCE” in the Yoruba language.

The core concept of our brand is asking people to have patience in understanding cultural nuances while embracing diversity.

The Designs

We create premium apparel that embodies multiculturalism and diversity for both men and women. Our style is a mix of prep and street wear. SuRu as a brand incorporates styles from the world's most influential sport, Futbol [Soccer], along with geographic locations and cultural influences from everyday individuals. We incorporate colors from the sovereign flags of different countries and include a variety of languages, celebrating cultural pride across the globe through our designs.


The Logos

Label Logo

The top character means 'TO DO' in Japanese and is pronounced SURU! The African looking map is the overlap of a Japanese and African map, which we call a Japrican map.

The lower character is a Yoruba word, SURU, which means 'PATIENCE'. The "Two Cultures, One Race" slogan underneath explains the origin of the brand coming from two different cultures. This, however, refers to any two cultures. Like they say, it takes two to tango.

Spots of Culture

a.k.a, The Jiraffas

This image is called Spots of Cultures for obvious reasons. Our belief here at SuRu is that the world is a melting pot of cultures, and the giraffe exemplifies that with the spots on its body. Every spot is shaped differently, just like cultures around the world.

Average giraffes have about 200 spots on their bodies. We find that fascinating, and we hope you do, too.

Coat of Diversity

Every nation has a coat of arms. Every Futbol club and national team has a crest. These two things inspired our crest.

We created the crest using elements from both Japanese and African cultures- the samurai swords, the sunray graphic, the Japanese characters representing the year SuRu was established, the Baobab tree and the giraffe, commonly found in Africa.

The Emblem

This logo was excerpted from our original logo. It is the first character and letter of SuRu from both the Japanese and Yoruba languages. The SuRu emblem is a simple image that represents the SuRu Brand. It encapsulates all that SuRu is about.