SuRu is a premium apparel brand that promotes multiculturalism and diversity. The word SURU, means "Patience" in Yoruba. The Yorubas are from West Africa, predominantly Nigeria. The word also has meaning in the Japanese language; it means "To do." We found this fascinating given the geographic distance between the two cultures. More importantly is  how well the words correlate (TO DO PATIENCE). We have found this to be true in many languages and cultures.

Culture & Diversity

It is who we are as people and community. It is what brings us together and allows for better understanding. It is our upbringing and what ignites our reasoning. At SuRu, our goal is to celebrate our similarities and urge folks to be patient in understanding cultural nuances while embracing diversity. What better way to show it than to wear it.

At SuRu, we believe the world is a melting pot of cultures and having the giraffe as a mascot exemplifies that with over 200 spots on its body. No spot is the same, just like the world we live in. Our aim is to celebrate the blend of cultures and promote diversity in this global village we call World. To achieve this, we encourage everyone to have SuRu [Patience] in understanding cultural nuances. 

Our Design & Concepts

We create premium apparel that embodies multiculturalism and diversity for both men and women. Our designs derive inspirations from the global sport, futbol (soccer), along with a diverse variety of cultural symbols. We incorporate colors from the sovereign flags, alphabets and language characters from different countries. We celebrate cultural pride by creating high quality premium apparel embellished with culture and diversity. 

Our range of product includes but not limited to T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hats, Fleece Jackets, Track Jackets, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Chinos, Sweatpants, Jeans, Sneakers, and Accessories.



We have introduced a couple of cool features to our apparel. For instance, we introduced U-Neck and Tuck Neck style into our T-shirt range at the start of our company. This style of cut took inspiration from the dashiki and soccer uniforms. The U-neck resemble the Dashiki neck hole while the Tuck Neck is commonly seen in futbol jerseys. We surulized these two styles to make it our own. We believe the regular T-shirt round/crew and V-necks are outdated. We may occasionally produce apparels with the regular neck style but if we don't hope you understand.