• Baba Afolabi

    “Diversity is not an idea, it is a lifestyle. It’s one of the core concepts of our company. I hope our customers feel and see that through our activities, product range and designs.”— Baba
  • Abby Wilcox

    “As a visual artist in both photography and video, my challenge is to see and translate the humanity in my subjects. I am completely drawn to the spectacular diversity I see in Oakland everyday, and I think SuRu encapsulates that.” — Abby
  • Muhammed Kugonza

    “The SuRu concept is universal. It is the way I look at society at large. I believe folks just have to connect the dot by doing SURU to see how similar we all are culturally. It’s ah serious ting :).”— Muhammed
  • Sophie Hoover

    “With a strong fashion background and a focus on international brands, I am thrilled to be a part of the SuRu team. I believe in the core concepts of SuRu and in the expansion of diversity within the fashion industry.”— Sophie
  • Joseph LaCount

    “From shooting visuals including a successful Kickstarter campaign, to raising awareness via social media promotion and online blogs, I consider SuRu to be my ‘baby’. Working extensively with Baba and others, I feel a personal connection with the brand and I hope to spread the overall message of diversity and culture to the world through our endeavors.”— Joseph
  • Umi Shareef

    “I found out about SuRu in 2012. I instantly was feeling the message behind the brand, which is diversity. Sure you see other brands talk and glamorize things about the world but SuRu captures the very essence of the world, but thats just me. I’m an illustrator born in Sudan/raised in Oakland and my business with the brand is to mentally dazzle you by creating amazing visuals and screen prints that embody multiculturalism and diversity. You guys are in for a surprise.”— Umi
  • Ronethea Williams

    "SuRu represents a life of excellence, global exploration, and style. It's a life I live and one I feel fortunate to help bring to the world through SuRu."— Ronethea